Company Profile

Chemasia Limited was incorporated and registered in Thailand as a private company limited on March 30, 1982.


Chemasia is one of Thailand's leading importers and distributors of chemical products. We specialize in several industries, especially in feed, food, pharmaceutical, textile, adhesives, and other industrial chemicals. In addition, we are one of the world's largest distributor of disinfectants. For more information on our product portfolio, please refer to "Products" page.


Over three decades, Chemasia is trusted by several multinational companies, leading Thailand blueship companies, and government organizations including GPO, EGAT, etc. Please see our customer portfolio on the right.


Chemasia is reputable for its reliability in product quality, on-time delivery, sourcing capability, and pricing competitiveness. These core strengths have been our growth engine. We have doubled our revenue over the past five years. 


If you are interested in buying or supplying to us, please call us at (+662)-679-8300 or email to


For more information on contact and location, please go to "Contact & Location" page. 





Our Clients

VISION: Chemasia's vision is to continue to be Thailand's leading chemical importer and distributor and to be the supplier of choice, with core strengths in reliability in product quality, delivery, and service.



1. We value our customer trust and integrity as our core foundation of business. We look to build long-term relationship, to be your partner of choice, rather than short term gain.

2. We focus in reliability of product quality, delivery, and customer service.

3. Our employees are like our family.




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